Configurable Reporting APIs

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Matt Hanan
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Creatable offers a Configurable Reporting API.

As a flexible way to get analytics metrics from the Creator Commerce Cloud, Creatable provides the following endpoint:


This endpoint provides the ability to fetch data for a defined set of metrics over a defined date range to create any number of custom data views.

In addition, Creatable has provided an endpoint to get details about metrics to help in UI development:

The full list of metrics and filters could be found in the Swagger Analytics API documentation. Scroll down to the section titled “Configurable Reporting API”.

In addition to creating custom data views, you can access data from Creatable's preconfigured reports by using our reports endpoint as defined below:


Reports available are as follows:

  1. creators
  2. sales
  3. content
  4. social

Please see the Swagger Analytics API documentation for additional details, or contact your account manager with any questions.