PDP Integration

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Matt Hanan
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The Product Page is one of the most high-impact locations that creator content can be syndicated.

Creatable allows brands to make use of content generated by campaigns, as well as any other source, on the Product Page by customizing and implementing a Creatable widget.

Content syndicated to the PDP is dynamically optimized to ensure delivery of the asset most likely to lead to a sale given the context.

Creatable offers a range of widget templates that can be configured to fit your PDP branding and format.

Solo CTA

The Solo-CTA widget generates a call to action, most commonly a play button or a video thumbnail, that opens the video player in a modal when engaged with by a consumer. This widget is commonly injected into a PDP alt-image carousel.



Carousel Widget

The Carousel widget is a scrollable carousel of thumbnails that, when engaged with by a consumer, opens the video player in a modal. The carousel shows 3 thumbnails in a desktop environment by default, but can be easily customized to show a different number.



Grid Widget

The Grid widget is a 3x3 grid of content thumbnails that, when engaged with by a consumer, opens the content in a modal.



All of the above widgets, in addition to being served on the PDP, can be configured to syndicate contextually relevant content on any other page within your site ie. List page, Category page, Home page, etc.