The Creatable Online Video Player

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The Creatable Player is a light, robust and highly flexible, mobile responsive online video player. The Creatable player supports adaptive video streaming and transcript/closed captioned display. The HTML/CSS for layout and styling can be fully customized. The Player is treated as a Cartridge when embedding or creating your Video Commerce Experience in or as part of a Video Commerce Widget or Hub. When used as a Cartridge as part of a Widget or Hub (explained further below), the Player forms an integral part of the Video Commerce Experience (see below).


Broadcast Quality Streaming. The Creator Commerce Cloud uses state-of-the-art video streaming technologies to ensure an optimal experience. To ensure support across different devices and browsers, the leading adaptive technologies (HLS and MPEG DASH, see below) are both used, where supported by the browser and device in question.

Adaptive Streaming. This method of video streaming works by breaking the content into a sequence of small HTTP-based file segments, each segment containing a short interval of playback time of content. The content is made available at multiple bit rates. The Creatable Video Player automatically selects the most suited segment and rate based on current network conditions, thus seamlessly adapting to changing network conditions, providing a Quality of Experience with fewer stalls or re-buffering events.

MPEG-DASH. Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) is an adaptive bitrate streaming protocol that enables high quality video streaming over the Internet, in accordance with the above methodology.


HLS. HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is an HTTP-based communications protocol implemented by Apple. It is similar to MPEG-DASH in operation.

Supporting both of the above protocols enables the Creatable Video Player to ensure optimal performance on, and compliance with, as many browsers and devices as possible.

Multi-Source Support. Since a Merchant’s Content Network is comprised of multiples sources, content may reside in many locations. For ease of deployment and scalability, the Creatable Video Player will play content residing on any of the following sources.

YouTube. Import any content from Youtube, based on any Video Feed configuration. Import entire channels and search for any content by configuring Creatable Youtube feeds to your needs.

Vimeo. Use Creatable Vimeo Feeds to sync with your Vimeo account (Vimeo Pro and above editions). Simply insert your Vimeo API Key.

Templates & Customization. There are many Video Player templates available on the Creator Commerce Cloud. Each template can be fully customized using the Creatable CSS and HTML editors.