Video in Email Marketing

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Edgar Moreno
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How can I integrate video into my email marketing efforts?

To leverage video in email, simply include in the body of your email, a thumbnail with a play button that links to the applicable shoppable video landing page (also knows as a "TV page").

Here are the four major reasons why video in email is best achieved via sending traffic from emails to TV pages on your site in order to consume the video:

1. Email clients do not support in-video streaming. Video streaming within the body of the email client requires an integration with all email clients in order to work across your target audience. Many email clients will block in-video streaming providers.

2. TV pages are shoppable. Each TV page is a shoppable video, and will auto-trigger the video's related products while you watch.

3. Increased Conversion. TV pages on average convert at 2-3 times applicable site-wide conversion rates, resulting in a significant revenue per view and ROI.

4. SEO. Google has published that each video must have a dedicated standalone landing page on your site in order to generate video search results on the google SERP (see By publishing and driving links to your TV pages, you are not only enabling, but also fueling this discovery.