DNS Configuration

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Matt Hanan
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Choose how to set-up storefronts for your salespeople

Online storefronts for your salespeople can reside in one of three different locations:

  • Subfolder (domain.com/storefronts/)
  • Subdomain (storefronts.domain.com)

Embeddable content on the Creatable Social Commerce Cloud will also be tied to the designated domain of choice. Each of these three methods has different IT requirements.

The ideal configuration for analytics and measurement is either a subdomain or subfolder with the primary eCommerce domain.





Configure your CDN to reverse-proxy requests from your website to Creatable. This means that when a user requests domain.com/storefronts/video1, the request is routed to the Creatable platform. Creatable will render the HTML and return that to the CDN, and return it to the end user.





This configuration requires an update to DNS settings and involves setting up a new subdomain within your primary domain. The process generally take just a few minutes. Once configured, Creatable will complete the setup for your account.