Operational Considerations

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Matt Hanan
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The following article highlights certain operational and legal considerations to be aware of as you implement your creator program.


Hourly Employees as Creators -

Utilizing hourly employees, such as in-store sales associates, as creators is a powerful way to maximize both your creator program and the production of your in-store team. When utilizing hourly employees, it is critical that you clearly define the rules and regulations of posting content and performing creator activity. TVP can also implement technical gates into the creator posting workflow to ensure that creators confirm that they are posting each piece of content in compliance with the policy set forth in the Terms and Conditions of the program.


Paying Creators -

TVP provides three options for paying creators through the TVP creator program:

  1. TVP Direct payout - TVP will contract with each creator in your program, issue them a 1099, and provide direct payment. In this scenario, TVP will invoice you for the reimbursement of creator commissions paid.
  2. Client Direct payout - TVP will provide reporting and financial statements through the Merchant Administrator Portal such that you will be able to pay creators directly.


Content Ownership -

Content ownership is defined in the creator program terms and conditions that all creators agree to when enrolling in any program. TVP recommends that all content submitted to you via the TVP creator program is owned by you indefinitely and can be repurposed by you for any use and at any time.


Data and Privacy -

The TVP Privacy Policy is agreed to by all creators upon applying to any creator program. This policy outlines how creator data is collected and how it may be used.


Support -

TVP will handle all creator support requests through the in-app messaging feature of the creator web application. In addition to providing responsive Tier 1 support in-app and via phone/email/zoom, TVP also provides a full walk-through of app features and functionality built in to the app itself.